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i am the “newbiest” on the block

Knowing the fact that there are plenty of talented and passionate people out there, it is a little bit intimidating for me to put my work for all to see. There are so many what ifs in my mind, but I am determined to stay positive. I am determined to find and nurture my own voice and have fun while doing it. There is a number of fashion illustration blogs that I follow. There is even a handful written in another language but I follow them anyway because I like the visuals in them. Among my...

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The Fashion Sketcher

The fashion sketcher–this makes it sound like I am a professional fashion illustrator but don’t be fooled by my domain name because I know nothing about fashion illustration….yet. I didn’t study art and I can’t even boast that I have been drawing since childhood because it is not like that. I mean, I did draw as child, colored a few coloring books, but it never became a regular thing. It never became as a hobby until a month ago. I am an elementary teacher by profession and by...

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