The fashion sketcher–this makes it sound like I am a professional fashion illustrator but don’t be fooled by my domain name because I know nothing about fashion illustration….yet.

I didn’t study art and I can’t even boast that I have been drawing since childhood because it is not like that. I mean, I did draw as child, colored a few coloring books, but it never became a regular thing. It never became as a hobby until a month ago.

I am an elementary teacher by profession and by being so, I learned how to draw simple stuff like animals, flowers and such, but they are not much better than an average pupil’s work. Thing is, when I was teaching, I needed to do some drawings when preparing teaching materials and props. Back then, I was satisfied with my drawings. It was good enough to convey what I wanted my pupils to learn so it was good enough for me.

So that’s pretty much my background when it comes to this form of art.

Right now, I am a full time wife and mom and a part time web designer. I am a blogger for a long time too, and being a blogger means I read a lot of blogs—mommy blogs, interior design blogs, teacher blogs, travel blogs, photography blogs, personal style blogs, fashion illustration blogs, and many more so I am not new to blogging (at least).

A couple of years ago, I wanted to start a personal style blog but it didn’t happen becasue there’s just no way I can do it. I would need somebody to photograph me and there’s just nobody. My husband works full time and is very busy and I don’t like to use the camera timer. I think, it would look really wierd if I photograph myself doing poses on the street. I could have started it with friends but unfortunately, my friends who might be interested in this are living very far away from me.

I used a photograph of mine as a reference but this does not look like me at all. :D

I used a photograph of mine as a reference but this does not look like me at all. 😀

Anyway, what lead me to the decision to start a fashion illustration blog is this: I rediscovered art through crafting with my son. A couple of months ago, I picked up some watercolors to do a coloring activity with my toddler then I got hooked. Watercoloring is such an addictive thing! Sketching is a big problem though. My drawing skills are so poor for the kind of result I want!

So I decided to practice and learn. Right now, I can’t take classes yet so I just content myself with self-help materials I can find on the net. My husband bought me a couple of books too. I want to learn watercolor art and I like women in pretty clothes as subjects so fashion illustration it is, and this blog will document my foray into this field.

And what better way to start this blog than to share with you a self portrait I did awhile back?

Like I said, I am a complete beginner so go easy on me. 🙂

UPDATE 24 Sep 2014: I’ve changed this site’s name from FASHION SKETCHER to MYLA DRAWS 🙂