Knowing the fact that there are plenty of talented and passionate people out there, it is a little bit intimidating for me to put my work for all to see. There are so many what ifs in my mind, but I am determined to stay positive. I am determined to find and nurture my own voice and have fun while doing it.

There is a number of fashion illustration blogs that I follow. There is even a handful written in another language but I follow them anyway because I like the visuals in them. Among my favourites are Alicia Malesani, Long Blue Straw, and Caitlin Shearer. I also love PAPERFASHION and and based on the comments I found there, I am not the only one who thinks Katie Rodgers rocks the fashion illustration world. Her work is just amazing! When I found her blog in Pinterest, I made it my aim to go over all of her blog entries. I love her work and I am so awed and inspired by them.

One good thing about going through her posts and reading some comments there, I found some people who are also just starting to put their fashion illustrations online like me. I haven’t yet commented on any of their blogs but I added them all to my reader right away. Knowing that I share interest with them (though what we want to achieve in this department may be diffrent), I kind of feel a bit of connection with them already. Here are some of the new blogs I found and now follow.

Gypsy Ballads are two friends from Croatia who started a new blog about fashion illustration. They are maybe new to blogging but based on their works, I get the impression that they are not new to fashion illustration because their works look sooo professional.

A Thing Created. I don’t think Erisha is a complete new comer to the field as she started already a year ago and based on her posts, she has been passionate about art since her early years. I know because as soon as I added her blog to my reader, I started digging in her previous posts. She was already good and a year of doing fashion illustration improved her work even more. She did really well in her first year of fashion illustration blogging and she’s a big inspiration for me.

love these shoes!

love these shoes!

There are more but I will mention them some other time because this is getting too long.

Before I end this post, I would like to share an illustration I made based on a photo I found in one of my favorite personal style blogs, Atlantic-Pacific.