AP simple dotsMy main focus right now is to develop my drawing skills. For this, I am just using a regular drawing paper because watercolor papers are expesive. It would be a big waste to use them to practice drawing. For coloring, I use Daler-Rowney watercolors and brushes. I am not sure if it is the best brand but I am quite satisfied with it. Also, I use an A4 size drawing block, and I draw three girls on one sheet. I guess I would have to learn how to make my illustrations bigger (?) because when I scan my drawings, they look so pixel-y. Maybe a bigger drawing will give a better scanned result. Or maybe it is a problem with my scanner or my scanner’s software. I will have to check it when I have the time. Right now, I would like to share an illustration of another of photo from Atlantic-Pacific. Blair is one of my favorite personal style bloggers, so you will be seeing a lot of her in my illustrations. Some other personal style bloggers I adore are Kendi Everyday, Fashion not fashion blog,  and Fashion Mugging so you will be seeing a lot of them too.