Monthly Archives: July 2013

beach babe

There still a month of summer left! I wonder if I can still reach my ideal beach bod this season. If not, which is more likely because I am not doing any kind of diet or work out, well… better luck next time.

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watercolor paper finally!

I started using watercolor paper a week ago and this is the first fashion illustration I did on watercolor paper. As soon as I finished illustrating it, I posted it right away on my Instagram account. If you haven’t followed my Instagram yet, you and I will both be glad if you follow me now Following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter means, you get the news right away and you’ll see a lot of  “behind the scene” photos of illustrations I am working on....

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last three

Happy new week everyone! I finally used up all the pages of the drawing block I am using. I sort of told myself that once I used it all up, I’ll move to watercolor papers. So that is what I am doing for my coming illustrations but I won’t go overboard just yet. I still want to practice only this time, I will use the proper materials for it. Affordable, decent materials. So I will be moving to 190g watercolor paper. A watercolor paper block that has 12 pages costs around 5Euros. It’s the...

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