I have been transferring my websites from my former webhost to godaddy and I encountered some problems and delays along the way. That’s why updating this blog took the back seat.

I am not yet done with the whole thing as I can only work on it during my free time but I am in a good way. Meantime, I am glad this blog is working again. It is still in it’s very basic form (no customized theme yet) but it can stay like this for a while.

So I am back with another illustration of the lovely Blair of Atlantic Pacific.


As with sketching human figures, I am also still experimenting with mixing watercolors, and I am having difficulty with it specially with mixing skin tones. You will probably notice huge differences in the skin tones of my girls because I am still trying to find the right skin tone mixture. Also, I don’t know why I almost always fill small shapes (lips, buttons, nails, shoes) with ink when I can fill them with colors later.