Happy new week everyone!

I finally used up all the pages of the drawing block I am using. I sort of told myself that once I used it all up, I’ll move to watercolor papers. So that is what I am doing for my coming illustrations but I won’t go overboard just yet. I still want to practice only this time, I will use the proper materials for it. Affordable, decent materials. So I will be moving to 190g watercolor paper. A watercolor paper block that has 12 pages costs around 5Euros. It’s the cheapest I can find. As for the watercolor and brushes, I will continue using my student grade Daler-Rowney watercolors and brushes.

For now let me share three illustrations based on Blair of Atlantic-Pacific. These are still illustrated on my regular drawing block and these will be the last of my drawing block illustrations.

Meanwhile, I started an instagram, a facebook page, and a twitter account for Fashion Sketcher and I would be delighted if you follow me. I promise not to bomb your feeds with links and photos of things that are not related to fashion or art. I am a very sensible twitterer, facebooker, and instagrammer. 🙂