This drawing is based on a fashion instagrammer, Lisa Hildebrandt. One day, she kindly requested me to check her instagram account and see if there’s anything I might want to illustrate there. Like she suggested, I found one that I wanted to illustrate. It is a photo of her wearing a simple yet nice get up while sightseeing in Paris. I did not do her justice of course but I tried my best. As a return gesture for illustrating her, she posted my illustration in her instagram and gave me a mention. I haven’t met her in person yet but what she did made me conclude that she is a really nice person.


Now, here is another experience about accepting drawing requests.  There were some people who discovered me on instagram and asked me to draw them. I don’t mind requests. I really don’t. If only I had the time, I would do all requests BUT there are just some who kind of … I don’t know… act as if I am so honored to given their attention and their approval to illustrate them. Yes, I do get those too.

I dont mind illustrating and posting illustration of people who never acknowledge me as long as I am the one who chose them but I kind of expect those who requested me to illustrate them to link back or give me a mention in their blog, twitter, or instagram. And if not, I expect them to at least say thank you for accepting their request.

End of rant. 🙂