the one with european fashion bloggers

Some days ago, I started illustrating fashion and personal style bloggers from german speaking countries and here are the reason why. First, I think there are plenty of amazing personal style bloggers from this region who deserve international attention. I understand that American personal style bloggers are getting most of the attention because their blogs and social media accounts are in a language that is widely understood but if only German could be understood around the world just as easily as English is, the bloggers from this region would also be just as popular as those in America. Second, since American personal style bloggers are so popular around the world, they are also the ones who get illustrated more often. As a result, fashion illustrators’ works are becoming like copies of each other. Of course you can still recognise differences but as a beginning illustrator, it is intimidating to be illustrating the same photo as the one illustrated by professional illustrators.

I like and follow a number of fashion and personal style bloggers from North America but from now onwards, I will try to base my illustration more on European bloggers.

The illustration below is based on a fabulous German fashion and personal style blogger, Bekleidet.



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