I know I am still using the default theme and I haven’t even install a customised header. It bothers me that until now I haven’t manage to do much for the look of this blog. I promise myself that before I reach my 100th blog post or when I reach at least 10 blog followers, whichever comes first, I will give this blog a make over.

Also, speaking of blog followers, I am guilty of not making an effort to promote this blog. No one else know about this blog except me and a couple of people I know personally. Lol!I think the most rewarding thing right now about bringing my works online is  my instagram followers. I am more active there than here on my blog because the response is always immediate. I post a photo of my work and seconds later I get likes just by posting a photo. With this blog, I guess I would first have to visit other people’s blogs, comment there and hope that they check my blog back.   Why can’t be as easy as instagram?

If anyone reads this, give me a comment because I promise to check your blog back and if I find your blog interesting, I’ll definitely follow your blog and add it to my feed reader.

This illustration is based on Julia Hengel as she was featured in LikeToKnowIt.