I love love Blair Eadie and I still follow her but for the time being, I look for inspirations for my illustrations elsewhere. I wrote about the reason for this before but I am going to say it again. Blair Eadie is the favorite among fashion illustrators so some works from different illustrators are sort of becoming like a copies of each other because they are drawing the same photo (just my opinion). And another thing, I am terrified, as a beginner, to have my work compared to those belonging to professional fashion illustrators. These made me look for inspirations elsewhere and I am glad I did because my inspiration pool is now so much wider.

I discovered Extra Petite in LikeToKnowIt’s instagram and I must admit, she is now among my top favorite personal style bloggers. I am 5’6″ tall and I never considered myself petite until I met my husband who is 6’2″ tall. I am finding a lot of inspirations from her blog, not just for my illustrations but for my own personal style as well.