My last post got me into thinking, why should I wait  to open a shop?

One reason that always stopped me was because I am not yet confident in my work but being the perfectionist and control freak that I am, I probably never will. So if I want a store, I should just accept  that I will never find my work perfect. I should close my eyes, go ahead and open an online shop, and hope that other people will like my work enough to buy it.

Another reason was it cost some money to open a shop. I know it is just fair for anybody who wants to earn profit to put in a capital but because all of the money I could spare for this fashion illustration thing go to art supplies, I am hesitant to spend more on ebay or etsy listings. Society6 was also an option because all I need was a dollar to open a shop there but I was reading a lot of reviews about it and I learned that while it is great for many artists, thousands of others there basically earn nothing because they aren’t popular enough–and this is what I am right now.

So what I need was a marketplace that will not cost me anything to sell my work. I did my research and decided that opening my shop at Inselly is the best option. It does not cost me anything plus,  thanks to my 1000+ instagram followers, I already have an audience for my shop because Inselly is like the place where instagram users can buy and sell their photos.  My instagram followers may or may not buy my work but at least I could let them know easily that I have an existing shop in case they want a print of my work.


This is my first time to use Inselly and I will post more about it later to let you know how my shop fare in this marketplace.