I love dogs even though I don’t own one and I am against having a dog as a fashion accessory or as a baby substitute. A dog is a creature who deserves to be treated as what he really is–a dog. Having a dog means you should be able to understand the responsibilities that comes with it. Dogs need to be fed, to be walked, to be groomed, and they need to play thus they need a good deal of attention from their owners.  Also, a pet dog needs to be properly trained.

I have seen a few photos showing dogs being carried in handbags but I refused to illustrated any of them no matter how fashionable or fetching the one carrying the handbag is. I believe dogs should NOT be carried around and babied.

The illustrations below show beautiful and stylish ladies who are genuinely enjoying a time with their dogs.




Illustration based on @neele_xo.



This illustration is inspired by @bekleidet.



This illustration is based on @jessannkirby.