I started my shop at Inselly a couple of weeks ago and after selling a few items, I feel it is time to write a review of the Inselly marketplace.

Inselly, for those who haven’t heard about it yet, is a new marketplace for our favorite social network, Instagram. It is created to facilitate buying and selling items that are fore sale on Instagram. To be able to buy and sell at Inselly, you first have to have an instagram account.

How to shop at Inselly

  1. Log in Inselly.com using your instagram username and password. Authenticate Inselly.
  2. Search item/s you want to buy.
  3. Contact buyer/s for additional details such as shipping fee (if not included in the price) and the item’s shipping date and expected time of arrival.
  4. Pay by clicking the Paypal button.
  5. Wait for your item/s.

How to Sell at Inselly

  1. Post a photo of the item you want to sell on your instagram account and DO NOT FORGET TO ADD the hastag #inselly.
  2. Log in Inselly.com then click on your profile photo to open your dashboard. Click on “YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE” tab. Here, the items with #inselly tags will appear automatically. Click the items to edit their details.
  3. Promote you Inselly shop.


Before Inselly, instagrammers use hashtags such as #forsale, #buythis, etc. to let other instagrammers know they are selling an item and while it works, it is a mess! Instagram, by nature, cannot further categorize the photos under the hashtag #forsale. If I load the hashtag #forsale, I see all sort of things for sale and it is very time consuming to go through all those when all I am looking for is, say, a vintage dress. Inselly eliminates this problem. If I want to shop, I just go and log in Inselly.com, type in what I am looking for (vintage dress) on the search bar and I will see all vintage dresses for sale. Or if somebody I follow on instagram is selling something I want to have, I just go to her/his inselly shop and buy it there.

So far, my experience selling at Inselly is very positive. Every sale went smooth. Inselly is really easy to use and it is hassle-free! Maybe it also has something to do with the nature of what I am offering. I am selling electronic files (PDF) of my illustrations so there’s no shipping involved. The buyer just have to pay then I get a message from Inselly letting me know that I sold an item.  After I get the payment confirmation from paypal, I send the buyer an email containing the PDF file. This can all happen within 10 minutes.


Pros of Starting your Shop at Inselly

  1. It is for free to list up to 100 items. You, as a seller, do not have to pay for anything. No registration fee. No item listing fee. No monthly fee. I do not really know the why it is for free but I think it has something to do with Inselly being new. In their user agreement, it says that the “basic” version of Inselly is for free and you can list up to 100 items without paying fees. Maybe later, they will add premium features for sellers in exchange for some fees but as of writing, I can guarantee that it is still for free so you might want to grab this opportunity and start a shop there now. Note: Inselly if for free for both buyer and seller and Inselly does not earn anything from the buying and selling transactions made within the site but Paypal charges sellers/merchants for receiving payment via paypal.
  2. It is really simple and easy to use.

Cons of starting your Shop at Inselly

  1. Inselly is relatively young so there are still a lot of features that are not available (more on this below) but it works well for what it is.
  2. You probably will not be able to sell anything if you do not have a decent number of followers on instagram so you’ll also need to grow your instagram follower base. You are more likely to succeed in Inselly if you are successful in instagram.


What are the features not available in Inselly.

  1. No seller/shop ratings. Buyers cannot rate the store they bought the items from. I think it is important for such a marketplace to include this feature so that people will know if the seller/shop is reliable before they purchase and item. Also, thru a feedback feature, they can air their grievances or recommendations about the seller. This will help other customers a lot in deciding whether to purchase from a particular store or not.
  2. Inselly does not have an app yet. This does not really bother me but I think an app would be a big help for heavy phone users.
  3. Also, as a seller you have to manually delete any listing that has been sold. In my case, I sell electronic files so I can sell a particular item several times. If you are selling a one of a kind item and it has been sold, you have to immediately delete it manually from your Inselly shop listing before others buy it too. Inselly sellers do not have the option to control the number of a particular item to be sold.


Ok so this is all what I can say about my experience selling at inselly so far. Maybe I’ll dig in to it more next time after I gain more experience selling in this marketplace. I recommend Inselly to artists who want to sell their works as prints, electronic files, or originals. Give Inselly a try. You do not have anything to lose because it is for free. If you already have plenty of instagram followers, you are lucky because you have a bigger chance of making sales at Inselly. If not, you can still list your items there while growing your instagram followers. Your listings will be available to all Inselly and Instgram users so there is still a possibility that someone might chance upon them.

P.S. Inselly DID NOT pay me to write this. I just want to spread a good find.