I don’t know how it happened but it did. This is the reason why that IG account (note how I refer to it as “that” IG account) hasn’t been updated in a long time. I try to not think of it as my account anymore as the thought of it saddens me but I will write about it here so if anyone of my 2K+ followers (some unfollowed me already due to stagnancy) find this blog entry, they’ll understand and will eventually follow my new IG account @myla.draws

I really don’t know what caused it. It could be one of those apps I used to track those to follows and unfollows me. I am not sure. I contacted instagram about it two times but they said that if I can’t give them the email address (which the hacker changed obviously), there’s no way they can help me. So I gave up and yesterday, I decided to start a new instgram account and hope that my followers will find my new IG account, follow it and unfollow the old one.


Here’s my favorite work so far to mark this new beginning. Cheers to starting anew and moving forward!