I know I have gone missing from my blog for a long time again but this time around, I am not sorry about it. I have been really busy and my instagram is responsible for 90% of my busy-ness. I am in that social media day in day out trying to grown my follower base again.  Right now, I am still like 500+ followers short compared to my previous hacked IG account but I am quite contented about gaining 1400+ in a span of 5 weeks. If you want to see more of my illustration on a more frequent basis, please follow my instagram account @myla.draws.

In other news, I would like to share with you my latest commission. Amanda Alyssa commissioned me to make a custom blog header for her. Click on the image to view how it looks like on her site.


In yet another news, I gave an interview to a fellow illustrator, Fayci. The article is in Portuguese but you can use google to translate the interview to English.


In another note which is completely unrelated to my fashion illustration endeavours, one of my BFFs just gave birth to a lovely baby boy and we are all delighted and are celebrating for her son’s arrival. I just have to share the news to you because I am really so happy and excited for her.

Hmmm… what else? Oh yeah, have you noticed my new blog design? It still needs some tweaks here and there but it is slowly looking like how I want it to look. Next, I will be working on my shop…errr… maybe I’ll do it after I have established a solid follower base in instagram. 🙂

To end my rant, here is an illustration I did yesterday using copic markers. I love watercolor but as a developing artsist, I believe it is important to experiment with other art materials as well. I think this one turn out well. 🙂