It’s Friday and though most girls enjoy a hassle-free-end-of-the-working-week day, my girl, Simone, is in a bit of a rush. She was up all night reading a book she can’t put down so she over slept this morning. When she woke up at 9:30 am, she quickly made herself a cup off coffee that she would drink in between all of her morning routines. After mentally scolding herself  for waking up so late, she gave herself 30 minutes to prepare for work. It’s a good thing that she is her own boss. Nobody would reprimand her for being late. But for Simone, that only means double the pressure. She has to make sure that she’s on top of everything when it comes to her business. So today, instead of taking all her time making herself up, she quickly decided for a no-fuss look.

When she’s in a rush like today, she often opt for a dress because it means, she doesn’t have to think about pairing up clothes. With a dress, you just put it on and that’s it! Done. So she put on her short, blue and white stripped summer dress. She combed her hair and quickly put on a dab of make up. She didn’t even bother with jewelries anymore but to make her outfit from plain to chic, she opt for her Olivia Carmignani Sporty-O bag and paired it with  her Iovado moccasins.


By 10am, she’s out of the door with a smile.  Her outfit is not only comfortable for doing a couple of work-related errands before she heads to her office, it is also perfect for afterwork when she goes out to meet some of her friends for dinner.

What do you put on on days when you are in a rush like Simone?