Those who have been following this blog might already know that my desire to start a fashion and lifestyle blog was one of the reasons that prompted me to start a fashion illustration blog. I mentioned it here. Back then, starting fashion blog was hardly possible because I have no one to take my pictures and I don’t like to do it alone because I don’t like taking pictures of myself. Now, recent circumstances have presented a chance for me to consider this again.

My very good friend, who also wants to start such a blog, has moved here in Graz. Finally, I have someone to do it with! On top of that, JJ, another close friend of mine wanted to do it too so we all sat down and talked about it.


It took us about  two weeks and a half before coming up with a running fashion and lifestyle blog and if you are interested, we would love for you to visit us at JAM in Style.

What will happen to my fashion illustration blog now that I have what I initially wanted?

I will still keep it, of course!  I love illustrating these girly girls and I don’t think I can easily turn my back from them. Illustrating for me has become a habit that is very difficult to shake off.