It all started when I saw this instagram photo. The vivid colors got me and the shoes caught my attention right away. The whole thing is so beautiful that I got inspired to illustrate it.


Illustrating the pretty moccasins was not enough though. I wanted to learn more about them so I went to IOVADO‘s site. I have never heard of them before but after learning all about their shoes, I know that their name will be recognisable by many soon.

I have a soft spot for brands that are produced locally and not in massive amounts because they give me a feeling of genuineness. Other than that, I know that they are more likely made under fair conditions. When I learned that IOVADO shoes are hand made in Italy and that they are made of premium quality leather, I decided to get myself a pair. The shoes looked comfortable on the photos and if IOVADO’s claims are right, then I found a keeper. A hypoallergenic pair of leather shoes that boast quality craftsmanship and comfort–surely, I must have a pair!

So I went ahead to inquire because my feet have a special size and I was afraid of buying the wrong size. I got  the answer to my question right away. I was impressed! It looked to me like… not only do they have quality shoes, they have a quality customer service as well. Great!

It took me a few days to decide on the colors because IOVADO leaves it to the customer to decide on what colors to combine. I chose red and blue because I want these shoes to be noticed when I have them on. I placed my order and 15 days later, I got this:


It took 15 days because the shoes are carefully hand made but the long wait is worth it. The packaging is so neat and beautiful and what’s inside is just perfection!


The shoes are more beautiful than they are in photos and they feel soooo good to the touch. The design is simple but the carefully accentuated details made the shoes look very sleek. I also love the fact that I have my initials on them. This little detail assured me that these lovely moccasins are made just for me!


Are they comfortable? Yes! VERY comfortable! I already felt it when I tried them on the first time but I told myself to give the shoes a full day of being worn before I give my verdict. And yes, they are still comfortable. After eight straight hours of having them on, I didn’t have any blisters. Not only that, my feet stayed dry the whole time. I did not have one moment when I felt that my feet cannot breathe.

This pair of moccasins is indeed a keeper!


And I know that I sound like I am selling the shoes to you but let me clarify that right away. I am NOT paid by IOVADO shoes to write about them. They also did NOT pay me to illustrate their shoes. They actually did NOT know that I illustrated their shoes until I tagged their instagram account.

Now, if I piqued your interest and got you thinking of buying yourself a pair, you are welcome to use this VIP discount code: IV4MYLA

Please note too that I am NOT going to receive any monetary reward whatsoever in spreading the word about IOVADO shoes. When I bought my shoes, the VIP discount code was given to me so I could give it away to friends who might be wanting a pair too. I think they gave me a discount code because I have shown genuine interest in their product. The code will only last from August 10-31, 2015.


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