love that 50’s dress

Here’s another illustration of Zoey Deschanel in one of her retro style dresses. This outfit says a lot–simple yet stylish, casual yet elegant, feminine, smart, and comfortable. I truly love her style!  

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from a magazine

I have more illustrations of my one of my favourite personal style blogger, Blair Eadie, but for today, I decided to share an illustration of another model for a change. This is the first illustration I did where in the model is not standing up and to tell you honestly, I almost gave up on it. I truly had a hard time coming up with a result I am satisfied with.What do you think of it? How I wish I have enough time (and self-discipline) to sketch everyday. You see, I want to sketch when...

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french macarons

I have taken interest in baking french macarons recently and while I have not yet reached perfection, I am quite happy with the results I am getting. This is after my 8th try!!! I love french macarons.They are delish, beautiful, and delicate.

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