win a custom illustration by myla

win a custom illustration by myla I am excited to announce that I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate a lot of things! First, my very own shop is finally open. My fellow fashion and art enthusiasts who want a print of my work can easily order a signed print.   Right now, I just have a small inventory up but I am definitely going to add more in the next days. Another thing I  would like to celebrate is the 3K followers I have on instagram. Thank you so much you guys! Thank you all for your nice comments and support. And I...

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our holiday in UAE

our holiday in UAE I brought some art materials with me because I thought I have plenty of time to paint while in UAE but that didn’t happen. There was a moment I got to sit down and play with colors but that didn’t last long enough for me to create something. Surprisingly though, I am not sorry although I broke my self-imposed rule to paint everyday. My husband and son kept me on my toes the whole time we’ve been there. We visited as much places as we can and on the days we were not out and...

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embracing German as my 5th language

embracing German as my 5th language Starting today, I decided to write my posts in German too. I am not a native German speaker so be warned. There’s going to be a lot of mistakes and there will be things that will not come out right. I decided to do it not just to reach out to my German-speaking visitors but more so because I want to improve my German and I intend to do that by using German as much as possible and in as many aspect of my life as possible. Like when I brought my illustrations for everybody to see, I also...

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