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my shop is now open!

My last post got me into thinking, why should I wait  to open a shop? One reason that always stopped me was because I am not yet confident in my work but being the perfectionist and control freak that I am, I probably never will. So if I want a store, I should just accept  that I will never find my work perfect. I should close my eyes, go ahead and open an online shop, and hope that other people will like my work enough to buy it. Another reason was it cost some money to open a shop. I know...

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wishing for better art supplies

As of writing, I still do this fashion illustration thing as a hobby and that means, I am in no way earning money from it. Right now I am cool with it because I am honestly having fun doing it. Maybe later, when I am good enough by my standards and when there is a demand (lol!), then I’ll probably start a shop to sell some of my works. I know I can’t make a living out of it but it would be nice to have additional money to buy my art materials. It is sad fact that the quality of an...

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gotta love this vienesse fashion blogger

Today we will be heading to Vienna and afterwards to the Wachau region to do a bit of sight seeing. This means, I won’t be able to illustrate or blog in the next couple of days. But before I leave, here is an illustration based on my favorite Vienna-based fashion blogger, Chicchoolee. Don’t you just love her endless legs and blond...

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