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gotta love this vienesse fashion blogger

Today we will be heading to Vienna and afterwards to the Wachau region to do a bit of sight seeing. This means, I won’t be able to illustrate or blog in the next couple of days. But before I leave, here is an illustration based on my favorite Vienna-based fashion blogger, Chicchoolee. Don’t you just love her endless legs and blond...

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petite love

I love love Blair Eadie and I still follow her but for the time being, I look for inspirations for my illustrations elsewhere. I wrote about the reason for this before but I am going to say it again. Blair Eadie is the favorite among fashion illustrators so some works from different illustrators are sort of becoming like a copies of each other because they are drawing the same photo (just my opinion). And another thing, I am terrified, as a beginner, to have my work compared to those...

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instagramer, facebooker, pinterester, twitterer anyone?

Desiree Loraine is a young Austrian fitness/lifestyle/fashion instagramer/blogger. Sorry to say instagramer instead of blogger sometimes but I  have a reason for that. I get my inspirations from istagram  and more often than not, the instagramers that inspire me do not have blogs so I am not sure if I should call them bloggers. Desiree here has a blog but I linked to her instagram because I think you will see more of her there. So my question is, can somebody who do not have a blog but...

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