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the thing with this blog

I know I am still using the default theme and I haven’t even install a customised header. It bothers me that until now I haven’t manage to do much for the look of this blog. I promise myself that before I reach my 100th blog post or when I reach at least 10 blog followers, whichever comes first, I will give this blog a make over. Also, speaking of blog followers, I am guilty of not making an effort to promote this blog. No one else know about this blog except me and a couple of...

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the one with european fashion bloggers

Some days ago, I started illustrating fashion and personal style bloggers from german speaking countries and here are the reason why. First, I think there are plenty of amazing personal style bloggers from this region who deserve international attention. I understand that American personal style bloggers are getting most of the attention because their blogs and social media accounts are in a language that is widely understood but if only German could be understood around the world just as...

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the thing with requests

This drawing is based on a fashion instagrammer, Lisa Hildebrandt. One day, she kindly requested me to check her instagram account and see if there’s anything I might want to illustrate there. Like she suggested, I found one that I wanted to illustrate. It is a photo of her wearing a simple yet nice get up while sightseeing in Paris. I did not do her justice of course but I tried my best. As a return gesture for illustrating her, she posted my illustration in her instagram and gave me a...

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