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late post

Both illustration are inspired by photos of our beloved Blond Salad, Chiarra Ferragni.

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femininity with a touch of wildness

Do you know that feeling when you have something good but you want to make it better but instead of making it better, you end up messing it up? That’s the feeling I got after doing this illustration. Everything was okay but I wanted to accentuate her nose more until I messed up her whole face… so as an effort to control the damage, I extended her hair to cover that messed up part of her face. Tsk! By the way, this illustration is based on one of the many personal style bloggers I...

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stylishly inlove illustrated

I follow Stylishly Inlove‘s posts since discovering it a month ago. I love her style. Her style is the kind that you can wear on a regular day and look fabulous. Sometimes I find personal style blogs that show great fashion sense but their style is the kind I would not dare wear and go out of the house. Although they look great and every thing, I find their style “too much” for a normal day and on a person who goes about her day without expecting to be photographed. This is...

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