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last three

Happy new week everyone! I finally used up all the pages of the drawing block I am using. I sort of told myself that once I used it all up, I’ll move to watercolor papers. So that is what I am doing for my coming illustrations but I won’t go overboard just yet. I still want to practice only this time, I will use the proper materials for it. Affordable, decent materials. So I will be moving to 190g watercolor paper. A watercolor paper block that has 12 pages costs around 5Euros. It’s the...

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sorry for my absence

I have been transferring my websites from my former webhost to godaddy and I encountered some problems and delays along the way. That’s why updating this blog took the back seat. I am not yet done with the whole thing as I can only work on it during my free time but I am in a good way. Meantime, I am glad this blog is working again. It is still in it’s very basic form (no customized theme yet) but it can stay like this for a while. So I am back with another illustration of the lovely Blair...

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why are hands so complicated to draw?

I have a trouble drawing plenty of body parts but hands must be the most difficult of them. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I just give up, and decide not to care anymore if they look like hands or not. I am not aiming for realism in my drawings but I want them to look “right.” Proportion is also something I am having trouble with. Sigh! Practice, practice! Patience, patience! This is another photo of Blair of...

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