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trying out different art media

Right now, I think my work is at its best when I use watercolor and ink but as a new artist, I still try out other art materials to find my voice. So far I tried using, other than watercolor and ink, colored pencil and ink and also copic markers and ink. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of my lack of experience or my impatience but copic markers and colored pencils are not working for me. I haven’t given up on them yet of course but right now, I still prefer watercolor. The...

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oh, watercolors!

I want my illustrations to appear loose but being the control freak that I am, it never happened. It’s actually funny how I am so in love with watercolors when this medium gives me too little to no control at all.  Making an illustration in watercolors is a sweet pain. It provides a frustratingly pleasurable feeling of satisfaction. Once having concluded that an illustration is going to be a mess and getting frustrated about it, I loosen up and continue anyway because, well, I cannot...

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the one with a tartan scarf

Have you ever wore a pair of denim shorts over a pair of leggings? I personally would have never thought of  it but upon seeing the photo where I based this illustration on, I thought I might just do it this season. Haha! But I probably also need a beige coat and a tartan scarf  to go along with it because I am not sure if it would work without those....

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