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editing finished illustrations

I often stare at my works days after I decided that they are finished illustrations just to look at them with fresh eyes and almost always, I find things that do not look right. This is what happened with the illustration below. In the original, the girl didn’t have sunglasses on but after looking at it a second time, I notice that the nose looks weird so I tried to soften the weirdness by drawing the sunglasses. Also, her hair was too big and too red so I painted the hair black and...

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when illustrating the face of my characters

I am drawing almost every weekday now but today I decided to use my free time to create a few blog posts I can schedule for the coming days. This illustration is based on my online and offline friend, Ana Maria of Life ‘N Loops. This is not the first time I illustrated her but the first illustration of her also does not look like her.  This is what I always point out when I post a new illustration: I don’t aim my characters to look like the one I am basing my illustration on. What...

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the thing with other artists

Like other new artists, I find inspirations and encouragement from plenty of established artists. To name a few, Katie Rogers, Pinodesk, Inslee Haynes, SunflowerMan, and Tracy Hetzel have been my heroes since I started. I also see other new artists’ works thru social media and I have to say that plenty of them are copied works from others. Now, here is my problem. How can I stop established artists from making too much influence on my work? Ok that is a stupid question. Let me rephrase...

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