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the thing with drawing

Drawing is still the most difficult part of illustrating for me. Until now, I have to erase several times before I can settle on something I find acceptable to be rendered with colors. It’s been months (not a year since I had a break but close to a year) and I can see too little to almost no progress at all. I mean, I see a little progress on the result but the process is still the same. I take a paper and a pencil. I draw then erase then repeat this step 100x. I long for the day when I...

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please follow me on instagram

I actually did the this post, the previous three ones, and a couple more coming in one sitting. Thanks for WordPress’  publish schedule function.  This means that my time today for illustration is used for blogging. I can only do blogging this way to make sure that I have fresh post for this blog every couple of days. I cannot post every after illustration because that takes so much time. With this, I suggest that you follow myladraws on  instagram to get the latest illustration...

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my problem with watercolor

It’s too hard to control! Lol! I don’t really have a problem with watercolor because I know from the start that it is not easiest medium to control but how I wish I could master it. I wish I could predict how it goes, how the colors would react to each other. I also wish I had the patience to wait for possible ‘happy mistakes’ because right now, if I see a ‘mistake’ I immediately try to correct it and this sometimes makes the ‘mistake’ looks...

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