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Farewell Oscar de la Renta

Here are illustrations based on Oscar de la Resta’s designs as a tribute to him–a creative genius who inspired many people including me. Rest in peace Oscar de la Renta. ...

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i am a swiftie

i am a swiftie I am a 30-something woman and that is my confession. Though I don’t know all her songs and I don’t have all her albums, I consider myself her fan. I like her music and the raw honesty of her songs. Other song writers write songs like they are out to prove something. They try to be so deep making their songs sound so esoteric that nobody understands them. Taylor Swift writes her songs from the heart and therefore her songs speak directly to the hearts of her fans. You listen to her...

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i am the “newbiest” on the block

Knowing the fact that there are plenty of talented and passionate people out there, it is a little bit intimidating for me to put my work for all to see. There are so many what ifs in my mind, but I am determined to stay positive. I am determined to find and nurture my own voice and have fun while doing it. There is a number of fashion illustration blogs that I follow. There is even a handful written in another language but I follow them anyway because I like the visuals in them. Among my...

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