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from illustration to reality

from illustration to reality It all started when I saw this instagram photo. The vivid colors got me and the shoes caught my attention right away. The whole thing is so beautiful that I got inspired to illustrate it. Illustrating the pretty moccasins was not enough though. I wanted to learn more about them so I went to IOVADO‘s site. I have never heard of them before but after learning all about their shoes, I know that their name will be recognisable by many soon. I have a soft spot for brands that are...

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tea party invitation illustrations

I recently made an invitation to an all ladies tea party for the small expat community I am a part of. Of course, I could not pass up the chance to include something I illustrated on the invitation so I illustrated these. I think these images reinforce the theme of the party very well.

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french macarons

I have taken interest in baking french macarons recently and while I have not yet reached perfection, I am quite happy with the results I am getting. This is after my 8th try!!! I love french macarons.They are delish, beautiful, and delicate.

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