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hello there again!

Though my last post is in July, that does not mean I stopped illustrating since then. Actually, I am now very determined to illustrate every day eventhough not all illustrations are worth posting. I have accumulated fashion illustrations that are ready to be posted here on my blog and I have been meaning to post them earlier but the trouble of scanning them and uploading them in my blog slows me down. I wish I had an assistant to do those for me. Ha! I wish I at least had the time to do all...

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kick your shoes

I like a gal who can be at ease in what she wears. The kind who can still rock a messy hair style, a simple dress, and bare feet!

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lace dress

I like ensembles like this one. It is the kind that says, “I am elegant but comfortable as well. I can wear this get up for a regular day or for a nice dinner with that special someone.”

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