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watercolor paper finally!

I started using watercolor paper a week ago and this is the first fashion illustration I did on watercolor paper. As soon as I finished illustrating it, I posted it right away on my Instagram account. If you haven’t followed my Instagram yet, you and I will both be glad if you follow me now Following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter means, you get the news right away and you’ll see a lot of  “behind the scene” photos of illustrations I am working on....

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turquoise chair

This is supposedly Gwyneth Paltrow. Obviously I haven’t done her justice. Oh heck, I haven’t done any of those I illustrated justice! Lol! Even my self-portrait does not look like me. But suffice it to say, this illustration is based on a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s one of the celebrities I consider truly beautiful. And it is not just about her face and her smile or her perfect body. It’s not just about her endless legs or her perfect hair. It’s not just about...

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