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win a custom illustration by myla

win a custom illustration by myla I am excited to announce that I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate a lot of things! First, my very own shop is finally open. My fellow fashion and art enthusiasts who want a print of my work can easily order a signed print.   Right now, I just have a small inventory up but I am definitely going to add more in the next days. Another thing I  would like to celebrate is the 3K followers I have on instagram. Thank you so much you guys! Thank you all for your nice comments and support. And I...

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embracing German as my 5th language

embracing German as my 5th language Starting today, I decided to write my posts in German too. I am not a native German speaker so be warned. There’s going to be a lot of mistakes and there will be things that will not come out right. I decided to do it not just to reach out to my German-speaking visitors but more so because I want to improve my German and I intend to do that by using German as much as possible and in as many aspect of my life as possible. Like when I brought my illustrations for everybody to see, I also...

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what I have been up to these last weeks

what I have been up to these last weeks I know I have gone missing from my blog for a long time again but this time around, I am not sorry about it. I have been really busy and my instagram is responsible for 90% of my busy-ness. I am in that social media day in day out trying to grown my follower base again.  Right now, I am still like 500+ followers short compared to my previous hacked IG account but I am quite contented about gaining 1400+ in a span of 5 weeks. If you want to see more of my illustration on a more frequent...

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