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from a magazine

I have more illustrations of my one of my favourite personal style blogger, Blair Eadie, but for today, I decided to share an illustration of another model for a change. This is the first illustration I did where in the model is not standing up and to tell you honestly, I almost gave up on it. I truly had a hard time coming up with a result I am satisfied with.What do you think of it? How I wish I have enough time (and self-discipline) to sketch everyday. You see, I want to sketch when...

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who’s that girl?

It’s Jess! I love Jess’ fashion style. I love her colourful dresses and skirts. I love her ballerina flats and shoulder bags. In general, I love Zoey Deschanel’s fashion style–the bangs and the 50’s dresses. Need I say more?

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sorry for my absence

I have been transferring my websites from my former webhost to godaddy and I encountered some problems and delays along the way. That’s why updating this blog took the back seat. I am not yet done with the whole thing as I can only work on it during my free time but I am in a good way. Meantime, I am glad this blog is working again. It is still in it’s very basic form (no customized theme yet) but it can stay like this for a while. So I am back with another illustration of the lovely Blair...

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