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lace dress

I like ensembles like this one. It is the kind that says, “I am elegant but comfortable as well. I can wear this get up for a regular day or for a nice dinner with that special someone.”

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I love how she swaggers in that skirt. Who doesn’t wish to always have that confidence in what she wears?

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chick in an art gallery

I know, I am so bad at giving credit to my inspirations. Thing is, when I see a photo I like to illustrate, i start illustrating it without thinking that I might one day share them (P.S. I have lots of illustrations that are unfinished, that went wrong, or are not good enough not even for my own blog, etc.). This post and some more of my coming posts are illustrations that can’t be link to original photos because I can’t find them anymore. I hope it is enough if I say that I found...

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