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trying out different art media

Right now, I think my work is at its best when I use watercolor and ink but as a new artist, I still try out other art materials to find my voice. So far I tried using, other than watercolor and ink, colored pencil and ink and also copic markers and ink. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of my lack of experience or my impatience but copic markers and colored pencils are not working for me. I haven’t given up on them yet of course but right now, I still prefer watercolor. The...

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my shop is now open!

My last post got me into thinking, why should I wait  to open a shop? One reason that always stopped me was because I am not yet confident in my work but being the perfectionist and control freak that I am, I probably never will. So if I want a store, I should just accept  that I will never find my work perfect. I should close my eyes, go ahead and open an online shop, and hope that other people will like my work enough to buy it. Another reason was it cost some money to open a shop. I know...

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